Introducing Social Posts: Get post-level data directly with SimpleReach

In our conversations with customers, one theme has become crystal clear: high-level social data isn’t enough anymore. These days, content teams want to understand how individual posts are impacting content performance — so they can find their winners and learn why they worked. The problem is, that is really hard to do at all, let alone in real time or in a way that makes it easy to generate insights.

For most content teams, some poor soul on the analytics team would have to spend hours every week pulling down export after export from social platforms, trying their best to clean and organize data, all to generate a low-insight spreadsheet that was out of date 3 days later.

We’ve heard your pain.

Today we’re excited to announce Social Posts, a new feature on our Content Show Page that automatically collects and organizes any of your posts that link to content we track. You’ll have all the data you need to understand and gather insights from those posts, directly in the SimpleReach app alongside your other content data.


After granting us OAuth access to your Facebook Page(s), we will automatically detect any posts from those pages that link to content we’re tracking and add data from that post to the appropriate content item. We’ll also continue to display and rank all public tweets that link to that content.

For each post, you’ll have essential data like reach, impressions, clicks, reactions, and retweets. We’ll also summarize that data on the content-item level.

You will also see an embed of the post. This will make it much easier to understand what made a post successful (or why it failed). It’s also a foolproof way to grab screenshots for any reports you need to send!



With Social Posts, you’ll have a fuller picture of content performance on social, which will help you better understand your content, generate insights, and reduce time spent on reporting.

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