Meredith Digital First To Leverage Demographic Data For Content Marketing Using SimpleReach’s Audience Insights For Content Optimization

SimpleReach Takes Major Step Toward Arming Publishers with Audience Demographics

With dollars continuing to pour into content marketing, publishers are looking to develop better insights for their brand partners into who their content is reaching and how it is performing with their audiences. As seen with the maturity of ad formats such as display and video, surface-level metrics are only sufficient during the early stages of a format’s adoption by advertisers. Entering 2016, smart publishers and content marketers want to understand how demographic data of readers such as age, gender, income, and education impacts consumption in order to best optimize campaigns.

SimpleReach, the market’s leading content measurement and amplification platform, is pushing the industry forward with its newest feature: Audience Insights. Publishers now can better understand how demographic data of their readers can impact content performance in order to provide better end-to-end solutions for their advertiser partners.

Meredith Digital is SimpleReach’s launch partner for Audience Insights. Meredith will use SimpleReach’s audience metrics to gain insight into its sponsored content campaigns across its portfolio of premium sites, including Better Homes and Gardens, Allrecipes, Parents, Martha Stewart Living, and Shape.

“Audience Insights allows us to understand not only how many people are reading, watching, and sharing content we create for marketers, but also who’s interacting with that content and why,” says Matt Minoff, SVP of Digital Platforms and Strategy at Meredith Digital. “It’s a much deeper level of insight that can be used to inform and optimize our content marketing campaigns, enabling us to both provide better services to our brand partners and to uncover new potential audiences.”

The SimpleReach platform already delivers insight to hundreds of top publishers and marketers by measuring their content and amplifying it to reach more readers. With Audience Insights, SimpleReach is taking a major step toward helping publishers and their advertising clients better understand how their audience is engaging with their content.

“In order for content to truly take on display dollars at scale, it needs to be held at the same level of accountability,” says Edward Kim, CEO of SimpleReach. “SimpleReach is arming publishers with the necessary data to help them continue to drive ROI. One of the key steps in accomplishing this is understanding who is engaging with your content. With the addition of Audience Insights, we’re providing a single measurement and amplification platform so that publishers can focus on what they do best: delivering engaging content experiences. The combination of Meredith’s commitment to innovation, expertise in large, branded content initiatives and the breadth of their audience made them the ideal launch partner.”

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