Content Marketing Review: October 18th

“Content is king, but distribution is queen — and she wears the pants,” says Jonah Peretti, CEO and co-founder of BuzzFeed. Distribution seemed to be the topic of discussion this week with news about social ads, content strategies and measuring ROI. Here’s a roundup of what’s going on in the industry this week.

Facebook is unleashing its ads—and surveillance—onto the internet at large

Quartz – 10/10/14

What should online advertisers expect from Facebook’s new and improved version of Atlas, an ad-serving platform it bought from Microsoft for $100 million last year? With its acquisition, Facebook set out to solve whether a user converted after seeing an ad, even if the user didn’t click. Facebook attributes an identification number to every user that logs in, and with Atlas, Facebook can now track those users to ads they’ve viewed outside of Facebook. Atlas is in direct competition with Google’s DoubleClick, but its success depends on Facebook’s reach while DoubleClick doesn’t rely on people continuing to use Google search in order to serve them ads.



So You’ve Made Some Content, Now What Do You Do With It?

Ad Age – 10/13/14

If you create a great piece of content but no one sees it, what’s the point? Content marketers need to get their content in front of the right audience and simultaneously make sure that the content they create is worth distributing. “You can’t buy engagement,” said DigitasLBi Senior Vice President, Social Content Practice Lead John McCarus. “No matter how much media spend is behind it, that won’t make it more engaging.” Distribute your content to the right audience and a domino effect will occur. If you try to create an audience rather than tailor your content to an audience, you will be far less successful. All in all, the best-performing content strategies combine intelligent distribution and engaging content.

2015 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

MarketingProfs – 10/15/14

It seems that the majority of B2C marketers run into the same problem. They create content, they distribute it and they wait to see a return. Many content marketers cannot successfully track the ROI from their content or don’t have an ROI strategy at all. Content Marketing Institute’s report confirms what we’ve learned from the content programs we run: having a documented strategy helps marketers improve their content strategy.


This week, SimpleReach’s Evan Rodgers advised marketers on how to improve their videos with better CTAs. Additionally, SimpleReach’s Claire Schwimmer wrote about how to use historical data to better understand your audience and inform your content strategy. Read the full posts here!


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