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Video is a valuable segment of your content marketing collateral, but it will only be effective if you create goal-oriented calls to action (CTAs) in your videos. You can read my detailed guide on Content Marketing Institute’s blog, but here’s a condensed version to get you started.

Set your goals
What do you want to achieve with your video? If your goal is to drive SaaS sign-ups or app downloads, you’ll want your CTA to direct to the correct product page to convert viewers. If your goal is to build your YouTube audience, be sure your CTA effectively asks viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Tailor your CTA to help meet your goals
Now you need to think about how to design your CTA to match the style and aesthetic of your video, and which tools most effectively communicate your CTA. For example, this might be a pop-up annotation, a verbal CTA within the video, other in-video CTAs, an end card, a CTA in the video description, or a combination of these. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each against the goals you originally set.

Test and improve
As any good marketer knows, you need to measure how your CTA and video performs and optimize accordingly. If you’re looking to push viewers through your sales funnel, you should pay careful attention to the following metrics:

  • In-video CTA viewership: Look at the Audience Retention in YouTube Analytics to see when your viewers are dropping off.
  • Click-throughs: What is your conversion rate?
  • Annotation performance: Track how many clicks your annotation is getting and the video close rate when the annotation appears.

For more advice on creating effective CTAs, read Hear the Call? 3 Steps for Better Video CTAs over at Content Marketing Institute.


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