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Content Marketing Review: September 20th, 2014

The content marketing space is ever-changing. Here is a weekly recap of what is going on so you can keep up with the industry.

What Facebook’s Timely Algorithm Change Means For Publishers

SimpleReach Blog on 9/18/14

Facebook has rolled out two new changes to its algorithm. One change is to expose more timely content. In addition, Facebook will use engagement (clicks, likes, shares or comments) on a given post as a signal to give content higher exposure within the News Feed.  milk-no-sugar

Facebook’s US Ad Revenues Outpace Users’ Average Daily Time Spent on the Site

eMarketer on 9/18/14

According to eMarketer, U.S. adults spend one-third of the total time spent on social networks on Facebook (21 minutes daily). U.S. adults will spend nearly half of major media time on digital devices this year, yet only 30.5 percent of total major media ad spending will go toward digital channels. Facebook’s ad revenues buck this trend, with 10 percent of digital ad spend on the site though U.S. adults spend only 6 percent of digital media time on Facebook.

LinkedIn Takes Step Toward an Ad Network 

Digiday on 9/19/14

With LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Bizo, it hopes to create a full-funnel platform for B2B marketers. Bizo, an ad tech firm, will largely improve LinkedIn’s on-site targeting. With this ability, Linkedin will be able to sell highly targeted B2B ads and engage with an audience on multiple channels.

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