As Publishing Game Changes, Race for Ad Revenue is Full Force

The Economist this week published its special report on advertising and technology, highlighting how changes in ad tech impact consumers, brands and publishers. The publication reiterates something we’ve known for some time: brands have more advertising platforms and more consumer data at their fingertips than ever before, allowing them to reach a targeted audience, with the right ad, at the right time. For publishers, this has meant lower ad revenues as brands turn to other channels. Publishers have turned to native advertising programs, which have successfully helped to fill the void and open new revenue streams.

These native ad programs have proven to get brands more engagement from consumers and content marketing has since taken center stage of brands’ marketing strategies. The Economist outlines how tech companies such as Google, AOL and Facebook are vying for advertising share and are racing to “invest in measurement systems that allow them to demonstrate the effectiveness of their online advertising.” Publishers need to do the same to hold their place in the race. So far publishers have seen great return from native advertising. Now as programs mature, brands are looking to better define their strategies and are pressuring publishers to deliver quality metrics and analytics.

Publishers that provide real-time data and reporting capabilities make their advertisers happy, since brands can measure return on investment and optimize their campaigns. Beyond that, publishers can also leverage these insights to maximize the reach of their sponsored content with intelligent paid distribution strategies. More page views, social shares and social referrals mean brands will spend their content dollars with publishers, driving higher revenues – something publishers are desperately searching for.

Learn more about the ins and outs of publisher analytics to make sure you’re using metrics that align with your KPIs. 

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