Webinar Recap: How to Create Quality Content & Measure Its Success

Content marketing performance depends largely on the quality of content that is produced. In our webinar, Sunil Rajaraman, CEO of Scripted, shared insight as to what types of content should be created as well as ways to engage with an audience. Here are a few takeaways that can help you improve your content marketing strategy:

  • Creating Content: A healthy goal is to publish 50+ pieces of content per month. Content should come from blog posts, guest posts, white papers, slideshares, and webinars.
  • Scale matters: The longer the content, the more likely it is to get shared (500+ words or more). Evergreen content should be produced all the time while thought-leadership pieces are harder to scale.
  • Organic or Paid: Scale is not only limited to how much volume you produce, but also can be thought about in terms of syndication. There are organic syndication partners where you share your RSS feed with the publication and if you’re approved your content will be distributed to their audience. There is also paid syndication that allows your content to get guaranteed reach and leads in your target audience.
  • Guest Posts: Guest posts should be pre-written and brand-relevant. Publications may not accept your piece, but you should be willing to reach out to relevant outlets to get your content distributed.

Eddie Kim, CEO of SimpleReach, spoke to amplification strategies and measuring content’s success. Here are a few takeaways that can help you optimize your content:

  • Social Sharing: Engaged time is not correlated with social sharing. Social drives scale.
  • Optimize Your Content: To fully optimize, you must identify content with the greatest potential to trend. In order to do so, identify the right network at the right time for greatest efficiencies.
  • Trending Content: Investing in trending content extends its shelf life, increases earned media, and lowers overall eCPC.
  • Identify Audience: You must serve content to a targeted audience. In doing so, track and re-target early readers to create a loyal audience. Then, you can expand by using look-alike modeling.

Thank you to all that tuned in. Keep up with SimpleReach’s latest events here!

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