Measuring the Success of High-Quality Content in Brand Publishing

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Original storytelling in content marketing continues to be an effective way to reach a valuable audience. Depending on goals and objectives, it can help build brand awareness, increase thought leadership, acquire new customers and more. While a lot of content continues to be published on the Internet each day (have you heard of “content shock” yet?), high-quality original articles with valuable information for the right audience can separate brands from their competitors. In order to manage a successful content strategy though, it’s important to create a balance between various content types. And as one can imagine, some scale easier than others. At Scripted, we have the pyramid of written content to help content marketers understand which types of content are easiest to scale.


As you can see by the checkmarks, evergreen and long-form content types are easiest to scale because they’re timeless and don’t have to be written by a thought leader within the brand – for example, a CEO or co-founder. Keeping scalability in mind though, thought leadership and newsworthy content should never go unnoticed. Guest posting is a great way to reach a wider audience and build brand authority, in addition to making the time to comment on industry news for a trend piece.

While content marketers are creating all different types of content, many are finding it difficult to measure content success. There are consumption metrics, social metrics, engagement metrics and more, but there’s still a lot of discussion around which ones are truly defining a “win.”

Companies like SimpleReach are helping marketers track and measure the impact of their content – as well as determining which metrics drive the best results for a given campaign. In some cases, optimizing for social sharing is the key to success; for others, driving page views or engaged time may be most important. For many campaigns, it will be important to track a combination of these metrics.

Next week, on June 19 at 11:00 am PST (2:00 pm EST), Co-Founder & CEO Sunil Rajaraman and SimpleReach’s Co-Founder & CEO Edward Kim will be discussing these issues and sharing insights on content marketing performance. Join them by registering now.

SimpleReach will be live tweeting the event. Follow us @simplereach to stay informed!

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