Shared Reports, Campaign Updates, and More!

It’s a new year and we’ve been hard at work adding new features and improving existing ones. A few highlights we’d like to share with you:

Information Architecture & Navigation Changes

For the last few years there wasn’t much you could do in the user settings area of SimpleReach – mostly change your email address and password. The latest release has changed all that. With exports and shared reports (more on this in a second) now in user settings, we decided to isolate user settings from account settings.

Account settings are now located next to the site name in the flyout menu on the left. If you are an account manager, you’ll see a gear icon to the right of the site name. Use the gear icon to access account settings where you can manage members, create campaigns, and see all shared reports that are currently active.

Shared Reports

Shared reports are publicly accessible snapshots of your data. When you create a shared report, we’ll generate a short url you can share with anyone, regardless of whether they have a SimpleReach account or not. Shared reports support multiple filters, date ranges, and sort options, giving you the power to present your data in any way you’d like.

See a live example of a shared report or checkout this screenshot:

Campaign Updates

Campaigns consist of one or more campaign dashboards that can be used internally or shared with invited guests. Campaign dashboards are built from tags used in your CMS, making it easy to monitor and analyze any combination of content you’d like. They’re super powerful and we’ve worked really hard to make them even better.

All campaign dashboards now include a reporting section, providing full historical data for each piece of content included in a campaign. Shared reports are also available at the campaign level.

We’ve found there is no one-size-fits-all to how publishers run campaigns, so we built in a few configuration options for real-time campaign dashboards. ‘All time’ gives publishers the ability to show cumulative totals from the start of a campaign all the way up to this very minute. This is useful for discrete, timebound campaigns. ‘Monthly’ refreshes the real-time dashboard on the first of the month, ideal for ever green campaigns. And ‘daily’ refreshes every 24 hours, bringing the campaign dashboard inline with the behavior of the real-time publisher dashboard.

If you are interested in campaigns but don’t have access to them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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