Introducing Summaries

We’re excited to announce the launch of summaries! Summaries are a quick and easy way for publishers to understand high level trends across social networks, including top content, authors, tags, and categories. Generate summaries for the last 7 days, 30 days, or for a particular month to get detailed reports about what content people are sharing and when they are sharing it.

High Level Overview

A high level look at the overall performance of content.

At the most general level we look at content from two perspectives: 1) aggregate totals for the selected time frame, and 2) totals for only content published in the selected time frame. The distinction is useful for gaining insight into the relationship between ever green content and new content. In the example above, newer articles published in the last 30 days (170 articles, or 1.3% of all the articles with activity) drove 92.1% of all social referrals but only 23.7% of page views. For this particular publisher, new content is the life blood of social activity, while older content is found primarily through search.

We also added context to the aggregate totals by comparing the current time frame to the one prior. In the example above, totals from the last 30 days are compared to the 30 days before, giving publishers an easy way to understand directional trends in sharing activity and traffic patterns.

Social Network Overview

Left: top social networks by social referrals. Right: Average referrals per hour by network.

Drilling down into more detail, the social network overview takes a look at which networks drove the most traffic in the selected time frame. In addition to ranking networks in order of social referrals, we also display a breakdown of average referrals per hour over a 24 hour window. This helps publishers understand what times of day their audience is most actively sharing their content. In the example above, Reddit clearly sends the most traffic in the early afternoon, while Facebook and Twitter start picking up a few hours earlier.

Social Network Details

A more granular view of device and content performance on Twitter.

The really fun stuff starts when you look at the ‘details’ for a given network. At that point, we breakout not only referrals by hour, but also by device. By drilling down into sharing patterns across networks and device types, publishers can more accurately design and adjust content and social media strategies throughout the day.

We also surface top categories, articles, authors and tags for each social network, providing a more faceted way to understand your audience and the content they are looking for. Summaries are already live and can be found in the ‘Reports’ section of SimpleReach.

Happy reporting!

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