We’re the Marmite to Your Banana

For about six months the “request a demo” form on our marketing site included a textfield with the question, “Are you the jelly to our peanut butter?” We loved the playful approach but figured we’d have to change the copy shortly after launch to something more instructional. After all, how many people would answer such a question? Almost all of them, it turns out.


Some people liked the question so much they even Tweeted about it.


The response was both overwhelming and entertaining – people are strongly opinionated about both peanut butter and pairing options. Opinionated enough to fill out an optional textfield on a form, no less. How opinionated? Let us take you through some of the responses (and yes, everything in quotes is an actual response):

When we launched, we mostly thought we’d get this:

“Wait. What?”

But were really surprised to get a lot more of this:

“Uh… duh!”
“Yeah, duh.”
“You bet.”
“Why not!”
“Of course I am. I am the best Jelly!”
“Yeah baby!!”
“Damn right I am.”

And even more surprised to get one of these:

“I’m the knife.”

A few had questions:

“Depends on the type of Peanut Butter. Is is that fancy organic stuff that requires stirring or can I just crack open the lid and dig in? Also, I prefer Almond Butter most of the time.”

While others required very strict conditions:

“Only if it’s Smucker’s jelly.”
“Only if you’re crunchy.”
“Only if i can be strawberry preserves!”
“Only if it’s PB&J time.”

We totally struck out in Australia:

“In Australia, we think this sounds weird.”
“No, I find that disgusting. I am, however, the marmite to your banana.”

But in the end, we found a lot of other workable combos that might be appealing:

“I am the spice in your chai.”
“I’m the mango Jam to your peanut butter.”
“Nay, I’m the marshmallow and banana.”
“The tuna to your salad.”
“Are you the dolphin to my shark?”
“Totally. I’m the artisinal Brooklyn jam!”
“I’d rather be the cheese to your baguette sandwich.”
“More accurately, I am the Nutella to your spoon.”
“Actually I am the bread to your peanut butter and jelly. LOL!”
“I prefer to be the chunky almond butter to the whole wheat toast.”


A month ago we finally retired the peanut butter question in exchange for a more standard, “Anything else we should know?” While the rate at which people fill out the textfield has dropped, when they do the information is more closely aligned with what our business team is looking for.

So why tell you about the peanut butter question at all? Because small things matter – a quick turn of phrase and a playful approach connected with a lot of people. It’s anecdotal, but we like to think more people contacted us because they enjoyed the surprise of the question. While our form might be more standard these days, you can rest assured you’ll be seeing more marmite and bananas from us yet.

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