Thursday Learnings: A Little Bit About A Lot of Things

If you walk into our office around lunchtime on any given Thursday, it’s hard to predict what you might see. Maybe a studious group focused on writing the Korean alphabet, or a raucous bunch chewing on hops and passing around beer samples. People might even be learning how to get out of a chokehold, count plastic balls, or play Settlers of Catan. Welcome to Thursday Learnings.

The rules of Thursday Learnings are simple: each week a team member (or invited guest) gives a talk about, well, anything. As long as people walk away having learned something new, we’re happy. Topics don’t have to be technical, actionable, or related to the company – if you know about it, we want to know about it too.

To get an idea of how varied the Learnings have been, here is a brief and abridged list of previous talks:

  • Ballistics 101
  • The Basics of Self Defense
  • Bloom Filters & Probabalistic Data Structures
  • Won’t You Be My K-Nearest Neighbor
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bitcoin
  • Design 101
  • Survival Thinking
  • The Foils of Distributed Counting
  • How to Play Settlers of Catan
  • Oil Extraction 101
  • A Brief History of Dance
  • A Brief History of SimpleReach
  • Macro Economic Trends
  • The Future is Made of Small Teams
  • Intro to Investing
  • Intro to Decolonialism
  • Intro to Korean (reading and writing)
  • How to Write Your Name in Arabic
  • Submodular Optimization for Efficient Semi-supervised Support Vector Machines
  • How to Pull a Perfect Espresso Shot
  • Video Editing 101
  • The Great Beer Review

Even with that short list, it’s easy to get a sense of how diverse the topics have been. It’s a great way to learn more about your team members, a welcome break towards the end of the week, and a great way to learn just a little bit about a lot of things.

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Andrea is a designer person who likes windmills, funny hats, and beer. She is also one of the foremost robot whisperers on the Eastern seaboard.

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