The Native Advertising Leaderboard

You take the latest marketing buzzword, native advertising. Then, you figure out how to make it interesting. Native advertising is all about listicles, so how about a leaderboard? And we’re a social data company that measures content, so let’s rank it by total shares. Make it look good. Make it interactive. And there you have it, The Native Advertising Leaderboard. A nice little marketing stunt…

Then we started digging into the data we were aggregating. We saw that on just a few dozen publishers, there were nearly a thousand sponsored articles. We found that there were more than a hundred different brands behind those articles and we still hadn’t uncovered all of them. And the brands that were involved didn’t fall into a neat bucket. They ranged from consumer appliances and energy to shipping.

We kept digging and realized that different publishers performed better on different social networks. One brand might do really well on Facebook, but not nearly as well on Twitter, while another brand would experience the exact opposite.

Native Advertising might end up being just another buzzword, but seeing all this data brought together, it’s hard to say there isn’t something really happening. And regardless of what we end up calling it, there are a few things that are here to stay.

Content is the new creative asset for digital brand advertising. Brands will continue to create content to engage with the audiences they have earned on social networks. Publishers will lend their brand, audience and, in some cases, their voice, to helping brands become content creators. And agencies will take part in not only the creative process, but the shifting dollars to distribute content to the right audiences across devices and networks.

So on national Native Advertising Day, at the Native Advertising Summit, we’re excited to announce The Native Advertising Leaderboard!

(I hope this does wonders for our SEO.)

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